Welcome to the very first issue of She!

I say issue because my initial intention when I came up with the idea was that I wanted to create a magazine – something that is probably much easier said than done. So, I compromised and decided that a website would work equally as well, if not better. And here we are, about two months since I first had the idea and I am so proud of what has been produced in that time.

I firmly believe in the importance of female empowerment – whether it is with regards to fighting for gender equality, becoming informed about important issues or simply having (or developing) the confidence in yourself to know that you are capable of anything.

That’s where She came from; this belief that, as women, we should be helping to build each other up, rooting for each other and championing the important issues that affect us. Only through doing this can we hope to empower and inspire girls and women everywhere.

This first issue is packed with inspiring and thought-provoking content spanning career, wellbeing and lifestyle topics, along with our first book review and Spotlight essay piece. I sincerely hope that you will enjoy our first issue; She is for all of us so please share with your friends, follow us on Instagram and, if you are feeling really inspired, write a piece for one of our upcoming issues – see how you get can involved here.

Now, perhaps more than ever, it is vital that women speak up and take their seat at the table. I hope that She will be a source of inspiration to you to start using your voice and to take your seat. I hope we can build a community and lean on each other for support and motivation. Let’s start now.


Founder and Editor-In-Chief


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