Winging It by Emma Isaacs

Reading about other women achieving their goals is the best source of inspiration a woman can have. Winging It by Emma Isaacs is my current love and I can’t get enough of it. In fact, when I came to the last chapter I was quite resistant to keep turning the pages. I didn’t want the journey to be over!

Author Emma Isaacs is founder and CEO of Business Chicks, a global movement of women coming together to support each other. Winging It is her first book and comes under a mix of genres including business, memoir and motivational. It was only recently released in Australia but is going to make its international debut shortly.

This book draws you in from the first page and won’t let you put it down until you’ve devoured the lot. With five children, Emma Isaacs takes you on her journey and makes you realise you are capable of absolutely anything. One of the main messages from this book is that we’re not alone in making it up as we go along. It wasn’t until I read this that I realised how true it is… Everyone is literally just winging it – whether you have a five-year plan or not!

Not believing in a work-life balance and instead preferring to just give it all she has got, Emma’s motivation bursts from the pages and will leave you filled with just as much ‘go’. All for jumping in and getting started, a big take away from this book is learning that time is never going to be just perfect for anything. You have to give it all you’ve got and get started today. The business advice in this book is like gold. Igniting the entrepreneurial spirit within. The wisdom on these pages is magical.

Having spent time with the likes of Sir Richard Branson, Girlboss’ Sophia Amoruso and even Bill Gates, the stories Emma has to share are totally awe-inspiring and truthful. Nothing is sugar coated and you can tell from Emma’s genuine words. She explains how failure is just part of the process and how you can’t wait for the confidence to kick in, you just have to do it. Split into ten, equally brilliant sections, Winging It is perfect for any woman who believes in the power of other women. Coming together to support each other is what Emma Isaacs believes in and by reading her story, you won’t only feel empowered, but you’ll be ready to empower the women around you.

I’ll leave you with the genius words of Emma Isaacs and I know for sure you’ll be wanting more:

“Instead, try new things! Make mistakes! Experiment! Laugh at yourself! Imagine ‘what if?’ Shout ‘pick me!’ Jump in. Help each other. Have a try even when you don’t know how. Be the first one on the dance floor. Smile at strangers. Fail epically. Ask dumb questions. Say no to negativity. Try again. Don’t overthink.”

If that doesn’t leave you inspired, I don’t know what will!

Happy reading + empowering!

Written by Annie Fisher

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