The Importance of Having Hobbies

Having hobbies when you are trying to adult you way through the the world can seem nigh on impossible at times. At the end of the working day, it can be hard to do anything else other than put on your pyjamas and watch Friends all evening. There are definitely some days, especially in the winter, when my first thought upon waking is “tonight I’m going to bed at 7pm”. But fitting in some ‘extra-curricular’ activities can actually be more beneficial for your state of mind, in the long run, than vegetating all night.

Hobbies can help you let off some stream (or relieve any work-induced stress, kickboxing anyone?), meet new friends, develop new skills or simply have some you-time. And it doesn’t have to get in the way of you crashing in front of Netflix – even one hour of doing something different in the evening can make you feel less like a hamster stuck in a wake-work-sleep-repeat cycle and more like a well-rounded, energetic bunny.

Struggling for ideas of what you could squeeze in to your evenings? Here are a few:

– exercise

– learn a new language

– take an art class

– go to a free talk

– go to the cinema

– go for a walk and listen to a podcast

– read a book/magazine

– have a bath

– hang out with friends/family

– have a date night

– work on a side hustle, if you have one

The possibilities are endless and don’t have to involve any money or new equipment. The idea is to do something different, change up your routine and feel more spontaneous as a result. Of course, let’s not be hasty and completely remove ‘crashing in front of the tv in your sweats’ as an option – sometimes the best thing we can do for ourselves is to just chill out.